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Scissorcraft is a private collection of personally illustrated arts and craft images, with low cost yearly subscriptions. Useful to teachers, parents and care givers as well as educational and non-profit organizations.

menpuppy orig wayne puppy orig

No 1 Artist - Patricia Kelley

Married to him ==>

I am a Mother and Grandmother, retired IT Analyst, self-taught - for the most part - artist and maker of Karma Carrier paper mache' statues.

Many of the images in Scissorcraft came out of my boxes O' doodles that I've carted around for 50 plus years. Just can't throw them away.

Here I am in a good photo with my little dog Puppy. 

Artist No 2 Wayne Sisson

<== Married to her.

I am a Step-Father and Grandfather, retired Navy, Vietnam Vet, Electronics Technician, avid reader and incurable doodler. She talked me into all this.

<== Met Pat in art class 1974

He's also holding Puppy.

We're the artists in the office who are always called upon to decorate the holiday party and pot luck posters and fliers. Scissorcraft gives us a meaningful outlet for our creativity rather than continue to contribute to doodle boxes locked away in the closet.

Images cover a range of educational images in a variety of topics useful to children of all ages and skill level. Formats include grey & white outlines for coloring or patterns and in colorful finished design. New images and artworks added on a regular basis as the doodles hit.

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Established March 31, 2003, Scissorcrafts® is a collection of child craft web sites for teachers, parents and care givers as well as educational and non-profit organizations. Each image is presented in several different formats so that any child, regardless of skill level (or age) can enjoy the experience of creating.

All images are registered with the US Copyright office, for personal, educational or non-profit use - all commercial use of Scissorcraft images is expressly denied.

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